As a communications manager, my job is to tell stories. Whether the story will take the form of an article, a video, or an event program doesn’t matter. Each requires a narrative carefully crafted about the people who breathe life into their brand, their initiatives, and their lives. So let me tell you a bit about mine.

I grew up in a small town in northern Michigan, idolizing Amelia Earhart and living up to the gracefulness of my fictional namesake, Amelia Bedelia. My love of good stories drew me to Southern Michigan for a position at Thunder Bay Press / Partners Book Distributing / Partners Publishers Group. In this position, I experienced the full spectrum of publishing, from a book’s conception to manuscript editing, design layout, print, marketing, and distribution/wholesale. In 2015, I transitioned into the academic sector and began working with University Advancement (UA) at Michigan State University where I also completed my bachelor’s degree in professional writing, publishing, and editing.

Eventually, my adventures led me back home to northern Michigan, where I continue to work for MSU remotely as assistant director of UA Marketing and Communications, handling projects such as event program management, scriptwriting, and strategic communication development. 

I explore a wide variety of topics in my personal writing from free-form poetry, to informative non-fiction and genre fiction. My purpose as a writer and editor is to amplify diverse voices and perspectives through storytelling. What am I up to when I’m not writing or reading? Collecting books, of course! I also enjoy philosophical discussions, hikes in the woods, and partner dancing. I also (try to) keep up with housework, my fellow bibliophiles, and this story we call life!