Slice of life

Traditions in Quarantine: Herbs & Bonsai Trees

It is hard to create during a pandemic. At least for me. As the VIRUS THAT SHALL NOT BE NAMED hit the United States and social distancing required many of us to retreat into our homes, I began questioning myself.

Am I truly a writer?

How do I push aside the pandemic fog that is clouding my mind and tap into my muse?

Does the muse even matter when it feels like the world is crumbling?

To clear the questioning fog, I turned to another hobby: indoor gardening. Yesterday, my herb seedlings sprouted and my first bonsai tree reached out from the soil.

This little seedling was powerful enough to give me hope. Hope that tomorrow it will be taller. Tomorrow, it will be greener. Tomorrow more seedlings will lift their leaves to the sun.

It reminded me that we are together in isolation.

And we will get through this apart, together.

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