Declarations of John Hancock

This copy of the U.S. Declaration of Independence is displayed within modest frames against a rough brick wall. The towering expanse of a stairwell dwarfs the display and makes it appear out-of-place. And yet, it is this simplicity that makes the copy of the Declaration so intriguing… along with the fact that is has been signed recently.

Look closely.


Among the names of our founding fathers and underneath the bold signature of John Hancock, multitudes of individuals have added their own John Hancock. The ink of some signatures have faded to pale indentations, only to be scribbled over by other signatures. Some of the signatures are written in jest, such as Mad Poet and the paw print followed by (Snoop!). But others have added their actual names. This document of immense national and historical meaning continues to inspire. The signatures of the 21st century mingle with those of the 18th.

*Please note: I do not support graffiti or any type of defacement of public or private property.*